What We Believe

Updated: Nov 2, 2009

Simply stated, we believe what the Bible says. But there are many who say that, so why so many different beliefs? The Bible needs to be allowed to speak for itself. Put away preconceived ideas. With a sincere desire to know, humbly let the Word speak. Then it will be clear and you will see a beauty never seen before. God will speak to you personally.



For a more formal outline study, check out this link that will give a brief paragraph with Bible references for you to look up regarding some basic core beliefs.

There is an additional, and much simpler way to study and that is to go to my Articles page and look up the bible marking guides there. I plan to post an additional one each week. These other sites are good if you are in a hurry or have questions I haven't gotten to yet, but of course you could "contact us" and send your question.

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