Updated: Feb 8, 2016
Does it matter what I think of God? Whether I think He is a stern judge, taskmaster, or indulgent sugar daddy; isn’t it alright just as long as I think about Him?

It matters because how I think creates how I live. My ideas produce my actions. Even if I think He does not exist, how I think of God affects everything that has to do with me. My thoughts, my actions, my desires, my eternal destiny rests on what I think about God.

To know God is to love Him. Our understanding needs to be increased so we can draw closer to Him. Jesus said: This is what it means to have eternal life - Knowing You, the only True God; and Jesus Christ the One You sent. (John 17:3)

This book is the result of years of study and observation. It is not an effort to be exhaustive, but to stimulate thought. The book is designed so it can be read in one sitting, but then the reader can go back to meditate on and discuss the concepts and ideas presented.

From stories and events recorded in the pages of the Bible are drawn revelations of the character of God that will lift the spirit, bringing encouragement and hope to us who often feel so separated from the life God wants us to live.

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