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Updated: June 10, 2018

Daniel Manzano was very privileged to grow up in a home where the lives of both parents revealed the best attributes of the character of God. The Bible was studied by his Mom and Dad. From birth the stories and individuals of the Bible were his constant companions. But Daniel's parents didn't just talk the talk, they walked the walk - they lived the life.

Thus from his earliest years Daniel gained a familiarity with the Bible and as he grew and studied for himself, he has been able to see how the principles fit into the practical day to day life.

Gifted as a teacher, Daniel has been blessed with the ability to explain subjects with a clarity and simplicity that is tremendously appreciated. Whether it is medical topics, in his job as a Registered Nurse, or in spiritual concepts as a teacher of the Bible, his one desire is to help others see the wonderful character of our Heavenly Father.

One who has watched and listened to him over several years states: "Many times as I have listened to Daniel speak and explain the scriptures a living and deep revelation of the word of God would move over me, bringing me to a fuller understanding of God’s will. Dan is an end-time speaker with a deep understanding of the Bible. He gives a clear presentation with a practical application for our day and time."

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